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Bespoke Reinforced Security Door Sets for Home and Workplace.

When people are asked to describe reinforced steel, high security doors, they often respond by identifying them as being something like a vault door – heavy, ugly and industrial-looking doors thinking it almost impossible to combine beauty whilst attaining high level security.

That might have been the case some years ago but, more recently, an Italian company in Northern Italy set out to rebut the common misconception that security doors are just unsightly, forbidding barriers to deter criminals and create the paradox that beauty and security really can co-exist.

Torterolo and Re have been developing quality engineered security doors for nearly 50 years which has seen them engineer a range of bespoke security door sets that adhere to the highest security standards, offering a range of tried and tested products to (BS) ENV 1627 Class 4 anti-burglary accreditation which prevents forced entry by the “experienced criminal” to withstand assault using crowbars, drills, saws, a hatchet and power tools.

In addition to resistance to forced entry ? a critical and principal characteristic ? ensuring an appearance to harmonise with the most intricate of architectural designs and styles of the building has been Torterolo and Re?s parallel quest.

This leading Italian manufacturer produces some of the most stylish, diverse range of attractive designs and finishes in the world; increasing security but also contributing to the building?s overall design. ?The Exclusive Series is the result of co-operation between Torterolo & Re and Pininfarina, one of the world?s leading design companies.? It marries the toughest, steel-reinforced protection with pure, minimal styling and colours in a sophisticated designer range.

All doors are made to measure from galvanised steel and are faced in solid wood or wood veneers to suit diverse architectural and interior styling.??Doors with secure glazing are also included in the product range.

Bespoke, elegantly styled security doors sets are now available to enhance the most prestigious home, office or apartment; meticulously engineered to glide open and close very securely.

Corinthian Doors Ltd have?many impressive installations throughout the UK, particularly in central London for domestic homes, commercial premises, heritage and public buildings, embassies and auction houses. ?Corinthian Doors are introducing these high performing, beautifully designed security doors to the UK market and now have a door set that achieves the Police preferred specification ‘Secured by Design’.? They have also?developed a bespoke security door CPD programme?which?they are pleased to present to Architects, Quantity Surveyors and other professionals.

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October 3, 2012

Continuing Professional Development ? Security Door Sets

Corinthian Doors has developed a bespoke security door CPD which we are pleased to present to Architects, Quantity Surveyors and other professionals.

For more information, please contact us. CALL: 0808 168 6431

September 20, 2012

The new Corinthian Doors web site is launched!

This web site presents our full product portfolio, technical specifications, accreditations and recent installations.

September 5, 2012

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