Why Choose a Security Door Set?

Physical Security of Any Property is Essential

Anyone who has experienced a domestic burglary knows that the trauma of fear, outrage and violation can be as devastating as the loss of personal belongings.

There has been a 9% increase in burglaries in 12 months to December 2011 and in 74% of UK domestic break-ins, access is gained through the front door, a major point of vulnerability (Source: Crime Survey for England and Wales - Office for National Statistics).

A main door with a porch can provide cover during forced entry and can provide the most direct and easiest form of escape.

The level of home security remains “key defence” against burglary victimisation (Source: Home Office – Statistical Bulletin - Crime in England and Wales 2006 / 2007)


Provides a Significant Physical Barrier to Protect Against Forced Entry

A bespoke security door set presents a significant physical barrier to intruders, safeguarding privacy and possessions and provides control over who comes in and who stays out.

We have electronic security through alarms and CCTV in our homes, but few people have good physical security in place. Electronic security alerts property owners to crimes that have taken place (through an alarm) and can provide evidence of the perpetrator (through CCTV), but electronic security does not necessarily prevent crime. Physical security can do this, or turn a burglary into an attempted burglary if they cannot get in!

With features including a double steel sheet, steel stiffeners, a high security multi-point locking system, integral double steel frame and a range of other high quality engineering features, security door sets provide a high level of security and peace of mind.


Versatility and Flexibility – Complimenting Electronic Security

Security door sets offer much more than “just security products” – as well as providing strong and robust security, products can be very versatile and flexible. Door sets can be adapted for a wide range of use to complement existing electronic devices. In addition to resistance to forced entry – a critical and principal characteristic – ensuring an appearance, both internally and externally to harmonise with the architectural design and style of the building, is another key feature.

Security door sets can be used internally as well as externally – for example to provide a secure home office (that may contain IT servers, safes and the like), a secure bedroom area or indeed to upgrade the general area of a part of a house or building that requires a higher level of security.

Each door set is made in a bespoke size to match individual property requirements and comply with planning.


Innovation – Enhances Environmental Properties

Innovation in security door manufacturing has resulted in door sets being manufactured to provide more demanding standards and ratings for thermal and acoustic performance, fire protection and to combat adverse weather conditions.


Environmental Responsibility – ISO 14000

With ever increasing pressures on the environment, some security door set manufacturers have achieved ISO 14000 certification – a sign of their commitment to environmental issues, including waste management and minimisation.

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